Bloc Montreal: Do the Liberals deserve the anglo vote given their past support of Bill 96?

by Lorraine Carpenter

We spoke with Bloc Montreal leader Balarama Holness and Westmount-Saint-Louis candidate Heidi Small about their vision for Montreal, the Liberal Party, the Canadian Party and more.
In a conversation with Bloc Montréal party leader Balarama Holness earlier this week, he questioned whether or not the Quebec Liberals deserve the Anglo vote in the election coming up on Oct. 3 — especially considering their initial support of Bill 96.
“Many people still don't know that the Quebec Liberal Party voted in favor of Bill 96 on May 13 and again on Nov. 4, 2021. Do the Liberals deserve the anglophone vote? In our opinion, the answer is 'No.'
“As for the Canadian Party, they have zero visible minorities running on the island of Montreal. They are certainly not the alternative."
“Bloc Montreal proclaims itself as the alternative for anglophones, allophones, immigrants and francophones who are impacted by Bill 96.”
—Balarama Holness
Heidi Small, the Bloc Montreal candidate for Westmount-Saint-Louis, elaborated on the notion that her party is a superior alternative to the Liberals.
“Bloc Montreal is the Quebec Liberal Party done right: A united vision for all Montrealers that represents our diverse cultures, bringing together the many languages ​​spoken in our city. We love Montreal, and we want to be your voice in the National Assembly.”
—Heidi Small





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